150 US Dollar is charged for every published article of maximum 8 pages (A4 size) of the Journal, plus 10 separate prints including post-delivery cost. Articles offered through foreign scientists will be revised primarily by one reviewer when being generally acceptable for publishing, the committee will inform authors by that and hold completing the revising cycle till the transfer of the whole cost of publishing. Please, receiving an image copy of the money transfer document is important to allow follow up the delivery

Manuscripts should not exceed 8 pages, including tables, figures, and references, otherwise, an additional payment of 7.00 US Dollar for every extra page will be requested. The Association subsidizes Egyptian scientists since ask to pay only L.E. 600.00 for the manuscript and L.E. 15.00 for every extra page. The cost includes 10 separate prints of every article

Additional prints of the articles can be requested. The cost depends on the number of pages and copies

Articles include black & white photos will be published based on the same rate. However, authors will pay the additional cost in case they need color printing of some pages

English is the main language for publishing. However, publishing in Arabic or French with exclusive English summary is acceptable. Arabic scientists kindly asked to provide Arabic summary with their articles

The Journal publishes 3 volumes per year (in A-4 paper size, two columns text format)

Publications received only in digital format, either by email or in CD. The Association handles distributing articles to reviewers either in digital or printed form

Reviewers comment will email to authors to prepare a final draft

The final drafts should send back in electronic format (email or CD)

Before sending documents to the printing house copies in the final shape forward for revising to authors. Please give attention that modification of format to two columns does not change the sequence of text, tables, and figures. Five days only left to receive feedback then materials have to send to the printing house

 All manuscripts should be written according to the style of the Journal of Animal Science (JAS)

Page format; paper size A4 (21 x 29.7 cm), with the following margins; 2.5 cm top and bottom, 1.8 cm left and right; and left gutter of 0.5 cm. layout, different header, and footer. Font 12: Times New Roman. The authors asked to deliver the article in one column per page format. The printing house will manage transferring documents to 2 columns format just before printing

Email address and the name of the correspondent author is highly recommended to be identified under the title

Software used for writing would be any version of Microsoft Word

Table’s format is essential to construct, as each mean value or columns’ heading typed in a separate cell, i.e., do not put all means in a column in one cell

Figures format: don’t use different colors to differentiate items but use fill effects pattern with black only

Sub-titles are written in italics (Times New Roman, Font 12) (lined in the manuscript) with only the first letter of the first word in capital

Following the title, author(s) name(s) (with initials preceding) and address(es), articles are often divided into the following sections: SUMMARY (not more than 250 words), INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND METHODS, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, CONCLUSIONS, ACKNOWLEDGMENT(S) AND REFERENCES.
• Capitalize the letters of the major work in both the article’s title and the sections titles, e.g. MATERIAL AND METHODS (Times New Roman, Font 12 Bold). Text and tables are written by font 12 regular.
• Keywords position after the English summary, not more than five keywords font 11 italic.
Keywords: sheep, digestibility… etc.
• Within the text keep the following formats:
• Abbreviations of the Journal of Animal Science (D.S.A) are adopted for our Journal. Any other abbreviations must be defined. Notice that a period (dot) (.) is put after the abbreviation.
• Enumerations Zero to ten should be spelled out, e.g. Zero, one, two … etc. Values greater than ten or that followed by abbreviated units are written in Arabic numerals. (e.g. II animals, 49 wk).
• Tables must be legible self explained and fitting the page size. Avoid, as possible, tables which can be included only in horizontal direction or in more than on page. Use footnote under tables to explain its contents when needed. The table heading is written as: Table 2. Means of Capitalize the first letter of the first word in each column heading. Footnotes are referred to by numbers 1, 2,

Tables fonts; Title & headings font 11 bold, numbers font 11 regular

Tables, Figures and Plates are referred to in the text by capital first letter T, F and P

Do not repeat information in tables and graphs. Select one tool to present results effectively

Referring to authors would show in name for single or double followed by Year, e.g. Garrette (1990), Ahmed and Cline (1989). In case of three or more authors the name of the first author only is mentioned followed by et al. (1989).(Authors & years within text written bold)

In the Text, References of one or two Authors should be by their Surnames and year. References of more than two names are shown as the Surname of the first Author and et al. In the List of References, References should have an alphabetical order giving: Surname(s) and abbreviated first name(s) of the Author(s), year, title of the paper, name of the Journal (i.e. place of publication) complete (not abbreviated), number of the volume, numbers of the first and last pages. For books, title and place of publication should be mentioned

In the references section, each reference is shown in the following succession; name of author(s), Year, title and editing authority, plus publishing Co. in case of books and symposia. In case of periodicals the volume No. is followed by the number of the first page of the article, if the reference is a book or symposium the pages of the article referred to are shown as pp. 42- 46, or the chapter No. stated in italic (lined in the manuscript) the periodical name (e.g. J. Anim. Sci.), in case of books the first letter of each main word of the title is capital

In the references; names and year font 12 bold, other font 12 regular

1. Arabic summary: Font type Simplified Arabic; Title, authors’ names font 13 bold; affiliations, text font 12 Bold

Plates should be high gloss-prints of good contrast

Latin names in the Text and titles of books and Journals in the List of References should be written in Italics

Weights and measures must be expressed in the metric system and temperatures in centigrade

Enumerations zero to ten are written in letters, e.g. zero, one, two … etc. Values greater than ten or that followed by abbreviated units are written in Arabic numerals, e.g. 49 wk

All pages including those of tables, plates and figures must be numbered